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The Clays Collection, Hanging Hearts

The Clays Collection, Hanging Hearts

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The latest piece inspired by the historic China clay works of Cornwall.

Our Hanging Hearts are hand crafted from reclaimed wood. After cutting and sanding we base paint by hand. After another sanding to give them our signature distressed finish we hand paint each one with our Clays Collection motif. We like to do this freehand so each one is totally unique.

These beautiful hearts make great gifts but at only £5.00 each, why not treat yourself!

There are six colour ways to choose from

- Red with white

- Blue with white

- Green with white

- White with red

- White with blue

- White with green

All inspired by traditional template patterns found on tableware made from Cornish China clay!

The technical bit!

Height 12cm excluding hanging loop

Width 7cm

Depth 2cm

All measurements are approximate


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