Personalised Gifts

Rugsy Lugsy Personalised Gifts

Because not everyone or everything fits the mould!

We know that not everyone has a name you can find in gift shop displays and not every occasion is catered for in high street ranges. That’s why we offer a bespoke bunting range- we never liked to fit the mould anyway!

Our personalised wooden bunting is all made of reclaimed wood, from Victorian floorboards to reclaimed scaffold boards. Each shape is hand cut, sanded and painted in our water-based, eco-friendly paints before receiving the Rugsy Lugsy treatment of a second sanding to give it the instantly recognisable slightly distressed look. We then add any embellishments you’ve requested by hand and string each set using natural jute string. We’re big on the details here at RL HQ so you’ll notice that each individual piece is hand-knotted in place so that when you hang your bunting they all stay perfectly in place.

And bespoke means bespoke so you can determine the colours, shapes, letters and length.

We can also personalise our smaller items such as the Rugsy Hearts & Christmas Decorations. All you need to do is ask.

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Rugsy Lugsy Personalised Bunting and Hearts


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