Heart - Mantras

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Sometimes we all need a little voice whispering just the right thing at the right time. We hope our Mantra Hearts might just do it!

We bring you Hope, Calm, Peace and Happy. Just the things we all need.

Each heart is handcrafted from reclaimed wood. It’s then hand painted and finished with a stamped mantra and tiny heart. We’ve added a handy handle made of natural jute string so you can hang your mantra right where you need it!

UPDATE March 2022

We can all see a huge humanitarian crisis happening in Ukraine as terrified women and children flee to avoid bloodshed and violence. Unfortunately this comes at a time when aid charities are already stretched helping other nations in similar terrible situations, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan to name a few.

The Red Cross say they need money. It’s the quickest and most effective way to get what is needed to these people now

Therefore £2.50 from the sale of every Peace heart will be donated to The Red Cross.

The technical bit:
Height 8.5cm excluding handle
Width 8.5cm
Depth 1.5cm
All measurements are approximate