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Bunting - The Clays Collection

Bunting - The Clays Collection

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Inspired by the lovely place we call home!

Cornwall was once the world’s biggest China clay producer and supplied the top names in fine china. We love the beautiful vintage transferware patterns they used and wanted to produce a range that paid homage to this fabulous art form.

So, first up is our bunting. Available in three colours, each inspired by vintage tableware patterns. Like all our bunting it’s all made from reclaimed wood. We base paint and sand each piece to give it our signature distressed finish then we hand paint the design free hand. This means that every flag is completely unique! We then string seven of them together to make each set and give you loops at each end to hang them. We hope we’ve done the clay producing history of the area proud!

The technical bit:

Overall length excluding loops 83cm

Flag height 8.5cm

Flag width 9cm

Flag depth 1.5cm

All measurements are approximate


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