Ask and the universe provides

Ask and the universe provides


I’m not a religious person.

Don’t get me wrong, I applaud any group that encourages its members to be kind to the other inhabitants of the planet, but I’ve never really believed in a higher power or greater plan.

Until now!

When I was a child I found a patch of clover that routinely threw up four leaved specimens and I don’t know if the luck has been cumulative but it’s certainly helping!

Having a belief in something is pretty sound when you set up a business with no money during an unprecedented worldwide pandemic, you need something to keep you going believe me.

So what is my new found faith?

The simple premise that, when you ask it, the universe provides.

Let me explain.

I was telling my mum that we were chronically short spaced for a wood working business at home. She opens her local paper and the perfect work shop is being advertised.

We need to kit it out with internal walls, doors and benches, suddenly we come across skipfuls of useful materials.

We realise that we are hopeless at the essential social media and website side of running a business and a goddess of a virtual assistant comes to shop at our stall.

Are you getting the picture?

Now I know the cynical amongst you will say that things become apparent when you start looking. True, if you’re thinking of buying a silver hatch back suddenly you’ll see them everywhere but this feels more tailored just to us.

Some might call it karma or fate but I call it the universe smiling upon us.

I don’t know what we did to deserve this good fortune but I’m extremely grateful! So now my problem is how to say thank you? Can you buy the universe a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers? Not very practical!  Maybe it would be better if we try and give back.

So we smile at strangers and help others when they need it. I like to think that’s the universe gently guiding us in the right direction. Who knows, maybe I have a spiritual side after all?!!

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